Practicing the presentation

The presentation for AIMS 2011 has begun to prepare from two weeks ago. I have given a few test drives. Two weeks might be too long for an experienced speaker. But for me, I wish I could have more time. I enjoy the whole procedure of preparation and I hope I can convince people with my presentation and data. Of course content is king, research is king, data is king … I need to have the best way to express these aspects. Yesterday Béat invited Patricio to hear my presentation. He thought an “external observer” who is experienced but not so familiar with the project could help. As expected, he asked me some questions which I have not expected. It was an interesting and very helpful experience. Later on Bèat suggested to further improve the figures.

Pascal gave a public defense this afternoon. His family was there together with my collegues. Both his talk and the slides were in French. I could not understand his words. But there was no problem in understanding the concepts and thoughts. This is enough. After all, the official language for international scientific research is broken English. French does not make too much difference.

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